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Young Clergy Meeting, pt. 3

Friday, March 6 - Unity & Practical Next Steps

Unity means "to have a pure love for that person no matter what comes out of their mouth.

We're serving Christ, dying to self. The agenda is in Christ.

It is easy to recognize the opposite of unity.

I knew that I would leave General Conference either disenchanted ready to leave or fired up. I left fired up.

Unity is oneness, not sameness.

Why do we turn to Willow Creek for small groups when Wesley gave us such good stuff?

I’m not interested if homosexuality is the only topic to talk about, but I also don’t want to be the family with the secret that no one talks about.

There is a nuance between making disciples and being disciples.

Is there a distinct vision for young clergy existing within the denomination? Is there a commonality among young clergy regarding the person of Christ, the proclamation of the gospel, and the means by which young adults feel compelled to reach other young adults? What is the vision young clergy are presenting that will force the hand of the denomination moving forward to evangelize and live out the mission of the church?

Lastly, I hope that this group will focus on how young clergy can articulate the gospel, formulate the mission, and then actually do that within local, contextual ministries, rather than determining how to change the discipline on such matters as homosexuality or policies on things like health care and pensions.

Practical Ideas on Isolation/Community

  • physical meetings with other young clergy within a 1/2 hour drive time
  • self-initiated by the clergy...but supported by the denomination – you can’t force community
  • Are there beacons of young clergy that could gather the young clergy in the region?
  • a young clergy barbeque at AC
  • retreats
  • a national event – breakouts for annual conferences – build local networks
  • have young clergy gatherings piggybacked onto other conferences
  • write for conference newsletters

Let me ask a dangerous question: would it be better for young clergy to have this type of connection with other young clergy in the area who are from other denominations? I've have seldom heard much mention of this...but it seems more practical

What if we had a gathering of young adults where we could figure out the way that we are going to lead into the future?

How do you live in the institution in a way that you're not institutionalized?

Young adult clergy are amazingly committed to our tradition, our heritage, our faith

Online Community Breakout (Guy, Ashlee, Andrew, Jenny)

  • We need someone to help us set up a solid, web 2.0, interactive website
  • We own – can start it from scratch
  • We want it to be easy for a variety of people to upload content
  • Haven’t had success with editors working on a particular schedule
  • Goal is great content and community
  • Blog action day – any bloggers interested in writing about a specific issue all on the same day – generate buzz & awareness
  • Yahoo Pipes may be a way to aggregate the site
  • Use Twitter to direct followers to new content
  • RSS feed
  • Use online community to mobilize people
  • Weekly chat room topics that are facilitated?
  • How many is too many in a chat room for real conversation? (Research says 10)
  • Interviews/stories of young clergy – great example for people considering ministry – important for people to see an image of what they want to become
  • Sharing ideas/best practices
  • Live feed event to facilitate small groups gathering across geography
  • Write legislation

National Event Breakout (Jessica, April, Cory, Jamey, Chris)

  • Must address issues that came out of the survey
  • Address questions of what we have the power to change right now
  • Translate our concerns to key leaders in conferences – invite those who support young clergy and the future of the church to be a part of it
  • Futuring
  • A desire to invite a non-United Methodist speaker as well
  • Retreat setting, hotel, church?
  • August or October 2010
  • Jamey, Ashlee, Guy & Andrew will put together a young clergy gathering in conjunction with others coming to Church of the Resurrection’s Leadership Institute in October 2009
  • Speakers for 2010 event should be 1) a person in authority within denomination 2) a person outside Methodism who can be a resource about successful ministry and 3) a dynamic young UM clergy
  • Possibly partner with Young Adult Seminarians Network who is also planning a 2010 national event
  • Possible young clergy gathering in conjunction with Ginghamsburg’s Change the World Conference


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Competition itself implies there are two sides.

I remember field days at my elementary school in Alaska. The half-frozen spring ground was covered with clumps of dirty gray snow. Jackets were thrown on the ground as the fourth graders tried to beat the fifth graders at tug of war. Rope burns were shrugged off as sweat dripped down our young faces. We were determined to beat those fifth graders. Our pride was on the line.

Whether you're a fourth grader or an ad manager at a fancy marketing agency or a senator trying out for attorney general, competition runs deep in our DNA.

We want to be the bes…

99 sheep

Reading Matthew 18:10-14 on this cloudy Anchorage summer morning. Parable of the Lost Sheep. A guy owns 100 sheep. They belong to him. These sheep are loyal and depend on their owner for everything. But then one wanders away. I wonder if this sheep wandered on purpose or accident?

The guy leaves the 99 sheep grazing on the hillside to look for the sheep who got lost. One word in verse 13 jumped out to me. "Andifhe finds [the sheep]...he is happier about that one sheep than about the 99 that did no wander off." IF he finds it. This guy who owns the sheep probably knows the hillside very well and knows his sheep's behavioral patterns. But he may not find this lost sheep. 

When someone wanders off, it's up to them if they want to get found. 

When it comes to our connection to God, some of us may wander on accident. Or on purpose. 

We wait for someone to rescue us. Bring us back. Make it okay. But we have to turn towards the one rescuing us. God will leave the other 99 sheep…